CSIAero is a suite of tools to help MROs, Airline Operators and Lessors save time and money. We do this by eliminating the tedious manual activities required to manage maintenance events, track LLPs, and understanding of field operations.

CSIAero – MROP brings clear visibility into all operational gates of the maintenance process and understanding of regulatory documentation impact as well as provides users with the ability to visually see the progress and receive alerts to exceptions including those that fall outside of required responses from outside vendors. Ultimately it will reduce Turn-Around-Time (TAT), errors, associated costs and provide a higher level of service to the maintenance shop's customers.

The CSIAero – Communicator is a collaboration tool providing Operators, MRO’s and MRO’s Venders a real-time view into all activities and the ability to manage the complexity of maintenance events. The results are shorter turn-around-time and fewer invoicing disputes.

The CSIAero - LLP Tracker tool replaces the need for the use of spreadsheets and manual efforts required to create and manage LLP reports in real-time. Our tool captures LLP data from either your existing information or manual systems. It performs the tedious calculations and provides LLP reports for an individual or an entire fleet of engines, landing gear, APU’s or components.

CSIAero – Field Ops your Real-time Operations Dashboard of your Rotary and Fixed Wing Aircraft operation from the Base into the Executive Office.


CSIAero is an On-Demand Service* application that is accessed and simply subscribed to through a web browser without the need for any special hardware or software. *(SaaS – Software as a Service)





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